Nils Johnson

    Nils Johnson is a Tokyo based visual artist. His work seeks to analyze the relationships between cultural objects and practices. By maintaining a base in realism, but not being limited by it, his work is able to examine subjects in ways not traditionally depicted or shared. He refers to this style of work as visual ethnographic symbolism.

    His work also explores the human aspect of how these objects relate. How can we effectively map emotional or spacial relationships to heritage objects and practices? How do we portray an object’s emotional `dimension` in the traditional artistic plane of the second dimension? Nils Johnson`s work explores these questions.

Nils Johnson has studied under acclaimed artists such as Wayne Thiebaud, Mike Henderson, Annabeth Rosen, and David Hollowell. 

Awards, Exhibitions and Publications

First place Santa Cruz printmaking show
Plein aire affair special competitor
Special exhibition basement gallery
Tin Can Barn gallery exhibition
Senior show
Gowoon Gallery 
Sierra residency
Connect Magazine: The Art Issue


Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, UC Davis

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